About KetoBake

Our mission is to keep people on the keto path by producing delicious ketogenic desserts that are simple, easy to prepare, and made from the highest-quality ingredients.

Runner on the keto diet jogging along a ridge

Who we are

KetoBake was founded by Sophie and Gordon – two Melburnians who discovered the transformative effects of the keto diet and never looked back. Well, until the cravings set in.

Based on their own experience, they set out to create the perfect keto desserts, incorporating only clean, sugar-free, low-carb, premium ingredients. After years spent refining for taste and performance, KetoBake’s products have become a trusted brand for beginners and veterans alike.

Keep your life keto

Maintaining a strict keto diet can be a real challenge, even with a seemingly inexhaustive supply of recipes, videos and Instagram posts all offering new ideas and iterations.

If you're missing something convenient that takes the guesswork out of meal preparation, then KetoBake is the perfect way to stay keto without the endless experimentation. With KetoBake, you know your desserts are made from the best possible ingredients and won't hold back your progress.

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